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Johnson's Livestock Conditioner 20kg

Johnson's Livestock Conditioner 20kg

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Johnson’s Livestock Conditioner Pellets are a balanced pellet specifically formulated for maintaining the condition of sheep and cattle, or assisting to meet pasture quality and quantity shortages. A balanced complete feed, processed with:

Barley, wheat, legumes, soyabean meal, almond hulls, oat meal, cereal hay and straw, legume hay and straw, molasses, vegetable oil, vitamin and minerals reduces the risks associated with selectivity and provide a safe diet for sheep and cattle.

This pellet can also provide a safe introductory diet for livestock entering a feedlot. It allows a smooth transition to the lamb finisher pellet or cattle booster pellet which are high in energy and protein necessary for optimal growth. Strict quality control standards ensure that all Oaten Hay is ARGT Free and tested for nitrates. In addition our facilities operate X-Ray facilities or decontamination units to remove contaminants ensuring a safe feed for our customers.

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