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Thunderbird Conductive Sighter Wire

Thunderbird Conductive Sighter Wire

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This conductive equine fence wire provides an effective solution for permanent horse fencing.

The white wire is provides high visibility with the ability to electrify the wire should you wish to.

  • Highly visible, smooth and attractive
  • UV stabilised, last for years in the sun
  • SAFE — capable of stretching up to 24%
  • 7 times lighter than steel wire
  • Strong — 300 to 400kg breaking force
  • Three black stripes are conductive. White outer coating is non conductive
  • Supplied in 200m rolls
  • Internal wire 2.5mm High Tensile Galvanised Wire. External Dia 7.8mm
  • HDPE Resistant to sunlight, crop chemicals, acids, extreme temperatures and salt water.
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