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True Blue Essentials Beef 20kg

True Blue Essentials Beef 20kg

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True Blue - Essentials Aussie Beef - Dry Dog Food 20kg

True Blue™ is a widely recognised Australian expression that signifies authenticity, loyalty, trust and genuine connection to our county’s heritage.

We are an honest, family owned business with a truly remarkable Australian made story, that loves pets as part of the family, and is here to bring these values to the local community and beyond. We ensure what you see is what you get.

Our pet food is made by locals for locals in our very own factory under the Southern Cross, in country NSW. All manufactured with genuine aussie know-how!

A no fuss complete and balanced dog food you can rely on, made from local ingredients and good old Aussie ingenuity.

  • 20% PROTEIN - Protein to build and repair body tissue, muscle and hair
  • 10% FAT - Fat is the main source of Energy and essential Fatty Acids
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