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Ultra Vac 7 in 1 50ml

Ultra Vac 7 in 1 50ml

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  • Ultravac 7in1 is used to prevent the common types of leptospirosis which affect cattle (and can also be transmitted from cattle to people) as well as prevent the major life threatening clostridial diseases that commonly can occur in cattle.



Ultravac 7in1 is used for the routine immunisation of cattle for the prevention of:

  • enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney disease),
  • tetanus,
  • black disease,
  • malignant oedema (blackleg-like disease), including swelled head in rams,
  • blackleg in cattle and sheep and
  • leptospirosis (L. Hardjo and L. Pomona).

For the prevention of urinary shedding of the named leptospires in cattle when used prior to natural exposure and to prevent the risk of human leptospiral infection associated with the shedding of the named leptospires in the urine and from the reproductive tract of cattle.

For the prevention of reproductive tract colonisation and placental and foetal infection with L. Hardjo.



  • Cattle: 2.5ml
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