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Waratah Stocksafe-T 7/90/30 200m

Waratah Stocksafe-T 7/90/30 200m

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Length 200m. 



This range has been specifically designed to prevent animals from penetrating the fence – either for smaller feral animals or to ensure the hooves of horses are not entangled causing injury.

Suited to shorter strains and closer post spacings.


For Feral Control

Used to provide an effective barrier against feral animals, such as wild dogs, pigs, wallabies and kangaroos.

Rigid knot resists vertical wires from being separated, reducing the chance of feral animals penetrating the fence barrier.

Size and concentration of feral animals will help determine the right fence height, picket spacing and tensile strength, to establish an effective barrier against feral animal incursion.

Comes with extended wire ends (45cm) for joining or tying off – no need to remove pickets.

Also suited to light-pressure applications and domestic house fencing for animals.


For Horses

Designed to keep horses safely contained in a yard or paddock and keep out unwanted animals.

Made from low tensile (soft) 3.15mm top and bottom line wires and 2.50mm line and picket wires, it has good stretch under stock pressure and is manufactured without sharp edges on wire reducing injury to valuable stock.

The low-tensile wire is favoured to reduce potential injury to horses.

Tight 5cm picket spacings reduce the risk of pawing, stepping or walking down the fence.


Suggested Applications: 



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