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Whites Rural Horse Safe Picket Caps 40pk

Whites Rural Horse Safe Picket Caps 40pk

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Protective cap & insulator.

Hi-vis UV-resistant polymer.

Suits Stockpost & Stockpost XL.

Keeps horses safe.


Caps for a Safer Steel Post: 

Whites Rural Horse-Safe Post Caps are newly-designed caps ideally suited to keeping horses safe. Made from UV-resistant polymer for longer life, the cap features a special three-slot pattern for holding various sizes of electric tape and wire:


Top – 5mm poly wire.
Middle – Up to 12mm electric poly tape.
Bottom – Up to 40mm electric poly tape.

The first slot suits up to 5mm poly wire, while the second and third slots will take electric poly tape from 12mm right up to 40mm width.


The cap fits neatly and easily over “Y” shaped posts providing a safer steel post when used in equine applications. Electric tape and wire simply thread through the slots in the cap for a neat and even finish. There are no moving parts or clips for added strength and longevity. Two holes on the side of each cap allow the cap to be locked onto the post. Couple with Whites Rural Stiff Stay horse mesh and Stockpost steel fence posts for a complete horse fence solution. Available in Hi-vis UV white for visibility, there are two sizes to suit 

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